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Class Description

Companies expend tremendous resources to develop good customer relationships and then squander those relationships in a negotiation – either by damaging the relationship or failing to capitalize on it. Brookeside’s understanding of what drives great relationships is the foundation for this workshop. This customized workshop (from one to three days) will give participants the skills necessary to enhance customer relationships during a negotiation while accomplishing organizational goals.

Who Should Attend

Individuals or teams negotiating transactions on products or services.

“The role play sessions allowed me to mirror exactly what I do right (and mostly wrong) in an actual negotiation. This class will change how I negotiate.”

Topics Covered

  • Determining desired outcomes and gaining internal buy-in

  • Establishing criteria to support negotiation positions

  • Anticipating the customer’s desired outcomes

  • The building blocks of loyal customer relationships and how the behavior of managers impact these relationships

  • Determining both parties’ BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement)

  • Understanding and counteracting typical negotiating ploy

  • Successful follow-up to a Win-Win-Win negotiations

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • An actionable framework for negotiation preparation

  • Specific strategies to execute during the negotiation to enhance the customer relationship

  • A greater understanding of negotiation dynamics resulting from participation in negotiation role plays

  • An understanding of how to follow-up on a successful negotiation and how to foundation for future opportunities


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