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storyCRAFT: The Value Of Being A Good Storyteller

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

There’s a scientific reason why storytelling is so effective.

Believe it or not, our brains love stories. In fact, our brains crave stories. At The Brookeside Group, we strongly believe in the power of storytelling. Crafting memorable stories can be used to impact others and inspire action. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools used in business.

Dr. Uri Hasson, a neuroscientist at Princeton University, conducted a study on the effects storytelling has on the brain. Dr. Hasson concluded that when people listen to someone telling a story, the listener’s brain activity responds almost identically to the brain of the speaker (i.e. the same area of the brain was lit up). Telling stories activates your listener’s whole brain: stories are immersive, accessible, and persuasive. As we said before, our brains crave stories.

This positively influences memory recall by organizing complex information simply, which utilizes less of the brain’s resources. Studies have concluded the cognitive result from listening to a powerful story releases storytelling hormones such as Cortisol, Dopamine, and Oxytocin.

Storytelling holds the power to move people to action. By narrating stories that evoke emotion within listeners, these listeners will move to act by influencing their colleagues and clients.

In a business, great stories have the capability to create deeper connections between people. This is done by captivating and inspiring the listener to a point where they want to take action.

Ready to learn more about the science of storyCRAFT?

The best business stories feature real events with actual people. Your stories should be authentic, but easy to comprehend. Great storytellers can enchant an audience through their words and craft. If you master the art of storytelling, imagine the endless possibilities for your business. This series will teach you the fundamentals of crafting and telling stories to implement in your business tool kit. Still apprehensive about the power of storytelling? If you would like to learn more about storytelling, click here for our eLearning series on storyCRAFT.

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