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Did you know?

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 A healthy level of conflict can actually help drive your team towards results!

There are 3 different motivation styles people identify with. Do you know how to best motivate yourself and your team?

There are 4 categories of team effectiveness: working group, dysfunctional team, functional team, and high performing team.

The Brookeside Group Knows Leadership 

The Brookeside Group has designed an educational and informative online learning program, specifically designed to help you apply these concepts to improve your leadership skills. Corporate leaders often cite effective teamwork as essential to producing the necessary results; however, many teams fall short of achieving those results. Effective teams require great relationships and Brookeside knows how to create those relationships. This is a very immersive and experiential workshop that gives participants the necessary skills to create those great team relationships that produce great results. 

Want to learn more about how you can develop your leadership skills?

Leading High-Performing Teams E-book Coming Soon!

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“I really enjoyed taking the class and have been able to apply much of what I learned. The areas of the workshop that have been most effective for me in my role are setting clear expectations with my team, clearly defining roles and responsibilities, establishing trusting relationships, choosing a decision making process and sticking to it, implementing a change management process, and documenting lessons learned.”

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