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Class Description

No team is more important to a company’s success than its management team. It must be a well-functioning management team that is focused on appropriate issues. This two-day workshop is designed using Brookeside’s proprietary understanding of great relationships to give participants the skills necessary to function as an effective team while developing and addressing a critical management issue.

Who Should Attend

Management teams looking to produce great results.

“The workshop illustrated how we can be more integrated as a team and how much more effective we will be when integrated.”

Topics Covered

  • Definition of a highly functioning team

  • The skills necessary to be an effective team member

  • facilitating healthy conflict

  • The importance of team strategy in producing the necessary results

  • Individual feedback from peers collected using the proprietary climate feedback system

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • An understanding of what it takes collectively and individually to be a high performing team

  • A team wide action plan, with individual responsibilities, to make the management team more effective

  • A group determined strategy, with individual responsibilities, to enable the management team to produce the necessary results

  • A personal action plan to make them a better team member, based on individual feedback


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