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Class Description

Developing and maintaining loyal relationships with your most important customers is essential to delivering results. Using its fundamental understanding of what drives great relationships, Brookeside has created a two-day workshop to give client-facing personnel the skills to maximize results with their most important clients.

Who Should Attend

Individuals or teams selling a product or service.

“This class allowed me to see the world from my customers’ perspective for the first time. I will now focus on the benefit my client receives rather than the product I am selling – a big shift.”

Topics Covered

  • Developing the building blocks of a great relationship

  • Definition of a “key account”

  • The process of translating the vision for a ‘key account’ into an action plan to realize that vision and produce the necessary sales results

  • A framework for understanding what is important to the client

  • A methodology for prioritizing accounts

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Created an action plan for an individual account to produce the necessary results based on client feedback gathered using Brookeside’s

  • An understanding of how to analyze a client’s business and a completed analysis on one of their accounts

  • A prioritized list of their accounts


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