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Class Description

Business professionals say that 50% of the time they spend in meetings is wasted. While some meetings are productive, the vast majority of them are poorly planned and unfocused. This class will transform client and internal meetings by teaching participants to prepare for, deliver and close meetings successfully. To dramatically improve the quality of small meetings, participants will learn to motivate and engage as both facilitators and active participants. The class will feature intensive group exercises, practice and feedback to ensure that all participants leave with the ability to run efficient and effective meetings.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who facilitates or attends small internal and/or external business meetings and wants to improve the quality of those interactions.  These small meetings could range from a client visit to an engineering closing conference, as well as an internal task force or quarterly meeting.

Workshop Length

1 day

Topics Covered

  • The cost of meetings

  • Successful agendas

  • Establishing presence

  • Setting the pace

  • Engagement techniques

  • Effective use of props

  • Managing dysfunctional behavior

  • Consensus building

  • Ensuring commitment

  • Running virtual meetings

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Get better results from meetings through better preparation

  • Gain greater client and colleague buy-in during meetings

  • Run productive meetings that result in real action

“This class will make me a more effective manager. I will be able to help my direct reports achieve their goals and better handle problem situations, which will reduce employee turnover.”


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