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How to build an idea in someone's mind,

communicate with impact, and inspire action.

The four-letter code to selling anything | Derek Thompson | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

The four-letter code to selling anything | Derek Thompson | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

Why do we like what we like? Raymond Loewy, the father of industrial design, had a theory. He was the all-star 20th-century designer of the Coca-Cola fountain and Lucky Strike pack; the modern sports car, locomotive, Greyhound bus and tractor; the interior of the first NASA spaceship; and the egg-shaped pencil sharpener. How did one man understand what consumers wanted from so many different areas of life? His grand theory of popularity was called MAYA: Most advanced yet acceptable. He said humans are torn between two opposing forces: neophilia, a love of new things; and neophobia; a fear of anything that’s too new. Hits, he said, live at the perfect intersection of novelty and familiarity. They are familiar surprises. In this talk, I’ll explain how Loewy’s theory has been validated by hundreds of years of research — and how we can all use it to make hits. Derek Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where he writes about economics, technology and media. He is a news analyst with NPR's afternoon show “Here and Now," appearing weekly on Mondays, and an on-air contributor to CBS News. The recipient of several honors, including the 2016 Best in Business award for Columns and Commentary from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, he is the author of the national bestselling book Hit Makers: How to Succeed in an Age of Distraction. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
Storytelling: How To Tell Great Stories That Engage EVERYONE

Storytelling: How To Tell Great Stories That Engage EVERYONE

Storytelling is having that ability to captivate one person or a group of people with an engaging narrative that charms them, that makes them feel like THEY were a part of the story. Good story tellers are definitely not born, they engage with stories based on emotion and express themselves in emotive and vivid language. In this breakdown we look at one of the best comedic actors of the modern era, Jim Carrey to break down how he tells his absolutely hilarious story and how you can tell your stories in the same engaging way. Comment Question: What storytelling methods can you share with everyone? Thumbs Up for more breakdowns like this. #Links Instagram: -- Michael Valmont transforms lives. Once a shy, 'introverted' guy, he went on a journey of personal growth evolving his dating, social & professional life pushing himself to become a leading authority in the field of self-development advice. He is now of the world's leading dating & life coaches having transformed thousands of people from across the globe. He has been featured in some of the biggest publications and media outlets including Mens Health, Sky News, The Independent & BBC. Michael Valmont's YouTube channel provides you insight from a leading dating coach. This channel is dedicated to you becoming the best person you can be in every area. Videos that will rock and alter your perception of yourself, build your confidence and self-esteem and equip you with practical methods for upwards progression in LIFE. Show Links Please note, depending where you are in the world you may have to go on that platform and search "Who Is Going To Stop Me" as some of these links may not work. ►iTunes - ►Spotify - ►Google Play ►Podbean - Works Internationally



1 - Tell Me More.jpg

A story-driven collection of essays on the twelve powerful phrases we use to sustain our relationships.

6- Presentation Secrets Steve Jobs.jpg

Reveals the "operating system" behind any great presentation and provides you with a quick-start guide to design your own.

11 - Made to Stick.jpg

Uses principles that reveal the anatomy of ideas that "stick,"  and methodology to make ideas "stickier" with audiences.

2 - Let the Story do the Work.jpg

Instructional text on how to mine your experience for simple narratives that will achieve your goals.

7- Wired For Story.jpg

Each chapter zeroes in on an aspect of the brain, its revelation about story, and the way to apply it to your storytelling right now.

12 - All Marketers Are Liars.jpg

Draws from examples of major, successful marketing campaigns to illustrate the power of telling authentic and relatable stories.

3 - Unleash the Power of

This book offers a practical roadmap to crafting and delivering more powerful, persuasive stories.

8 - Tell to Win.jpg

After listening to this mix of voices, you’ll know how to craft, deliver -- and own -- a story that is truly compelling.

13 - Pixar Storytelling.jpg

Uncovers the secrets to Pixar's greatest films -- how they create compelling, moving conflict and emotionally satisfying resolution.

4 - TED Talks Storytelling.jpg

Using case studies of multiple TED talks, this book covers how to craft stories that keep your audiences mesmerized.

9 - The Story Factor.jpg

Illustrates how story can be used to persuade, motivate, and inspire in ways that cold facts, bullets, and directives can't.

5 - Talk Like TED.jpg

Draw on the techniques of TED presenters to communicate the ideas that matter most, and win over hearts and minds.

10 - Sell with a Story.jpg

Educates using model stories, skill-building exercises, and enlightening examples from major companies like Microsoft.

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