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Class Description

Great managers are essential to producing great results. Using its proprietary understanding of great relationships, Brookeside has created a curriculum to give new managers the skills necessary to become great managers. This curriculum includes progressive, targeted teaching and activities to enable new managers to accept and excel at their increasing responsibilities.

Topics Covered

  • Characteristics of a great manager and a great leader

  • The connection between great managers and great results

  • Management fundamentals including motivation, giving feedback, setting clear expectations and coaching

  • Individual feedback from superiors. peers and direct reports collected using the proprietary climate feedback system

  • Individual company human resource policies

Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of their role as managers in producing great results

  • Practiced all of the fundamental aspects of good management

  • A personal action plan, based on the class and feedback, to become better managers

  • Methods to deal with “sticky situations”

Who Should Attend

Directors, managers, or people holding similar positions. 

“This was a very positive climate in our workgroup; interesting classes with a perfect mixture of class activity and workgroup assignments. Good teaching structure and besides the hard work, we had a lot of fun!”


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